Changes coming soon!

Uncategorized | April 2nd, 2010

Dear Readers:

There will be some big changes coming to 2photshop in the next few months. I decided that instead of making this website strictly for tutorials and resources, it will be mainly consisting of photoshopped work inspiration. Why? Because I realized I do not have time to constantly create tutorials or resources, but I constantly find great photoshop related work that is worth sharing. So now I can put it to good use while entertaining every last one of you!

I’d greatly appreciate to hear some feedback on this change. Let me know if you like the new content, or hate it, or are indifferent. 1st post of the new 2photoshop is coming very shortly.

What you can expect in the next few months: New website design and setup, lot of featured awesome photoshop work.

The tutorials will remain on the website, the only difference is the main content that will be added from now on.

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